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If I’m to be honest, flea markets have never really floated my boat. I don’t have a good eye for a bargain, for interior decoration or for vintage pieces. But my wife does! It sounds strange, but I rarely see her happier than when she’s in the thick of a Seville street market! I must confess that the whole thing is an experience, a very rough diamond, hidden well away from the elegance of the city centre. I thought I’d share a list of our (my wife’s) favourites!


El Jueves
Every Thursday from 7am-3pm
Calle Feria, Seville

El Jueves is located in the area of the city that I have named the “Soho of Seville”.

Calle Feria is a shabby-chic area full of artisans’ shops, grimy bars and cafes, independent clothes designers and antique dealers. I love it and hasten to add that it is a new hotspot in the city, ever growing in popularity. The flea market itself is made up of all sorts of articles from old books, comics, pottery, coins, furniture, crockery and lots of day-to-day items from yesteryear.

The stalls are very basic indeed, normally made up of articles laid out on a sheet on the floor or tables, lining the sidewalks and the edges of the small plazas. If you have a good eye for a bargain, I think this is the best market in the city! My wife and a number of our friends hit the market early on and often come away with all sorts of weird and wonderful purchases (many of which are now dotted around our house!).


El Charco de la Pava
Every Sunday from 8am-3pm
Charco de la Pava, behind Torre Triana in La Cartuja

El Charco de la Pava is a much larger flea market, with a greater variety of products than El Jueves.

But I’d say that there is more low quality junk being sold here. Due to its size and location on the outskirts of Seville, this market is also a more brazen experience than many of the others. My personal opinion is that many of the vendors and their products perhaps tiptoe on the wrong side of legality in many cases! You’ll find everything here from furniture to bicycles, leggings to fresh vegetables! For a flea market fanatic, it’s a great experience. But be prepared because it isn’t pretty. It is what it is!


Mercadillo de la Plaza del Museo
Every Sunday from 9am-3pm
Plaza del Museo, Sevilla

First of all I’d like to say that this is not a flea market! I include it because I’d love for people to visit it if they get the chance.

This market brings together over 100 local artists as members of the market’s association. Aptly located right in front of Seville’s fine arts museum, this “mercadillo” is nicely laid out with an easy structure and with pieces varying from home-made postcards to large paintings, fit to preside the walls of a living or dining room! There are styles to suit all tastes, including landscape, still life, modern, taurino, flamenco and plenty of “arte contemporaneo” (contemporary art). We’ve spent many a pleasant Sunday morning wandering around the stalls of this market and have walked away with a few great pieces!

Paseo del Arte
Saturday and Sunday 10am-2pm
Paseo de la O, Triana

This art market is a great addition to what is already a very enjoyable visit to the neighborhood of Triana, located on the Western bank of the Guadalquivir river.

Numerous artists exhibit a variety of pieces right next to Triana bridge, on the river boulevard. There’s plenty of ambience here and often a lot of public enjoying what’s on offer. It’s a great thing to do before delving further into Triana for tapas! Personally, I slightly prefer the Plaza del Museo market. But each to their own!


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