Tapas is a creative chefs playground.

The concept of small dishes and a chalk board as a menu, means that inventive cooks can throw caution to the wind and invent all types of tapa. We believe we arrange the best tapas tours with some very entertaining guides! With tapas, there is something for everyone and you will be amazed at the fabulous array of taste sensations.

A fun night out and guaranteed to take you off the tourist trail.


In recent years, Spain has accumulated an impressive number of Michelin stars and has won international acclaim for its cuisine and restaurants.

Every region is different and each chef takes great pride in offering his or her own culinary interpretation. Wherever you are in the country, a lunch or dinner in an “alta cocina” restaurant is an experience for you to savour.

It would be a pleasure for us to arrange such an experience for you!


These days, all 17 autonomous communities in Spain produce excellent wines, enjoyed by consumers all over the world.

For many years, wine lovers have enjoyed elegant Rioja’s, full bodied Ribera del Duero’s, crisp Verdejo’s and refined sherry wines. It’s easy to visit the big and famous wineries but what about the hidden gems of which there are many?

Join us and visit a small, bespoke winery, meet the owners and join them for lunch…. These are winemakers with a real love for their craft. Let us introduce you to them.


Did you know Spain is the worlds largest producer of olive oil?

We make some of the finest and most diverse olive oils one can buy. In Andalucia and other parts of Spain, we have friends who run small olive mills so we are able to arrange private visits so you can see first hand the process of cultivating and pressing olives.


Discover what makes this dish so special!

Is it the pigs, or their diet, or the land? Or is it all of the above? Travel with us to one of the most beautiful and hidden corners of Andalucia. Wander amongst the oak forests, meet our four-legged friends and of course sample some of the finest Iberian pork products imaginable!

We remind you, no big farms or producers! Only the small, boutique producers, friends of ours with a passion for their profession!