Andalucian Wine Regions Beyond the Sherry Triangle!

Sierras de Ronda, Granada & Montilla-Moriles Andalucía is famous for a lot of things. However, its wines from beyond the Sherry Triangle are relatively unkown! Sherry wine is the shining light in the South, streaking ahead of the rest in terms of fame and notoriety. Most of you reading this will have tried a glass […]

Enriching Hiking Journeys in Andalucia

Let’s face it, 2020 is proving to be a tough year. When we return to a semblance of normality, some of us will yearn to travel to a destination to relax. Others will want a holiday to disconnect. Many of us will look for a bit of wellness and pampering. These are all very valid […]

The 6 Best Bond Roads in Andalucia!

We’ve all at some point seen the films, marvelled at the settings & scenery and dreamed of casually cruising along those winding roads in a convertible, with Bond or the Bond girl by our side! And right now, being able to get out and explore some country roads, away from the busy cities, is pretty […]

Blissful Bubbles in Rural Spain

Nearly 3 months after the initial national lockdown, following an orderly de-escalation process, Spain is finally on the brink of reaching the “new normal”. Spain was one of the most severely affected countries in Europe, with the two largest cities of Madrid and Barcelona taking the brunt of the infections. But it may come as […]

8 Positives for Spain’s Environment from COVID-19

Wild animals patrolling city parks and abandoned streets have certainly been one of the more entertaining elements in the media during this pandemic. These images may well become one of the most enduring too. However, the temporary confinement and travel restrictions throughout Spain have had a wide range of positive effects for nature, which we […]

A Virtual Tour of Spain’s Highlights!

Whether you’re homebound, responsibly self-isolating or just dreaming about a visit to Spain, we have gathered together some virtual tours to help pass the time while you #stayathome. Thanks to many cultural organisations opening up their virtual doors, Spain’s unmissable and most spectacular cultural sights, museums and landmarks are at your fingertips to explore. Let […]

A Tailormade itinerary in Seville

a tailormade itinerary that revolved around history, architecture, art (old and new), gastronomy and most importantly, getting under the skin of Andalucia and meeting some of the locals. We recently had the pleasure of sharing our home city of Seville with a delightful group from England! This tailormade itinerary was 9 months in the making. Gillie and Alison […]

Tailormade Andalucia

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