Spain’s borders are open!

As travel advisors, it is our responsibility to give you honest travel information. Much to our regret, we strongly advise against you travelling to Spain in the short term. Below we try to sum up Spain and Europe’s current situation.
Spain opened its borders to European travellers from June 21st 2020. Summer saw a certain amount of traveller movement around Europe. But as we drifted into Autumn, Covid cases increased in Spain and Europe, to the point that most countries, ourselves included, adopted restrictions to control the curve. Now, early in 2021 it would appear Spain has overcome the third wave and numbers are descending, allowing for a slight relaxation of restrictions.
As things stand, once you are in Spain you will need to adhere to the restrictions imposed on the Autonomous Community where you have landed. Many of these regions have restricted mobility, applied curfews and limited capacities and opening hours of bars, restaurants and shops. There is a signficant limitation on freedom of movement and “normal” living at the moment.
As of November 23, it is obligatory for International travellers to present a negative PCR test from the past 72 hours, if they are travelling from a country considered as being of “risk” (red on the EU traffic light system). Remember, it has to be a PCR test and can’t be an antigen test. If you don’t present the negative test result, you will be fined between 3000 – 6000€.
Spain is still in the early stages of vaccinations. Having had a slow start, logistics and organisation is gradually improving and the government still aims to have the majority of the population vaccinated by summer.
We want you to be able to get maximum enjoyment from your trip to Spain together with peace of mind. Whilst right now is not the time to be enjoying the wonders of our country, we are meticulously following government protocols and going above and beyond to implement further measures to ensure you are well looked after and protected in the future when you are our guest.
Please read below to find out more:


What is Spain doing?

After a rapid and widespread expansion of Corona Virus through the country in early March, they applied the strictest lockdown in Europe. (March 15th – May 4th)

They then applied one of the most gradual and structured de-escalation strategies in the EU as well. (May 4th – June 21st)

The Ministry of Tourism, in collaboration with the ICTE (responsible for creating, monitoring and awarding the renowned “Q for Quality” certificates to tourism companies throughout the country) have created anti-Covid protocols which have been approved by the Spanish Ministry of Health and are being recommended throughout the Spanish travel industry.

Companies that decide to comply with all of these protocols are awarded the “Responsible Tourism” stamp.

Many Autonomous Communities have also created their own recommendations to further complement the anti-Covid protocol approved by the Minsitry of health. Eg: Andalucia Segura

Seville, Barcelona and the country of Portugal have obtained the #SafeTravels seal of approval from the World Travel & Toursim Council (WTTC).

Aside from the recent obligation to present a negative PCR test result, our airports are also applying a 3-step security procedure for new arrivals:

1) Fill out a responsible declaration including recent health information and details about their holiday to Spain
2) Have their temperature taken
3) Pass a “visual” test to check they show no symptoms


What is Tailormade Andalucia doing?

We are complying with and implementing all anti-Covid protocols recommended by the ICTE

There are numerous tourist boards, organisms and committees worldwide creating safety protocols. If a company complies with these protocols, they are awarded a badge logo to display on their website. We don’t believe it is necessary or correct to simply accumulate badges. But we do feel it is very important to study all of the measures offered by these different official bodies and select the safety protocols that we believe will best protect our travellers. We have chosen to follow national and regional recommendations, as we believe that by being designed for specifically Spain, they take into consideration factors at a local level. We have been awarded the following badge:

The Spanish Ministry of Tourism: “Responsible Tourism”

We are in contact with our partners (hotels, transport companies, guides, experiences and activities) to ensure they are also complying with anti-Covid protocols

We have assigned a health security manager within our team. This figure will oversee our protocols and contingency plans and will be a point of contact for travellers for all Covid queries.

We have re-designed our incident and emergency procedures and we’re adapting a contingency plan in the event one of our clients or guides/suppliers displays Covid-19 symptoms.



Responsible Tourism stamp